Delirium Tremens is a strong, golden and complex pale ale. Delirium Noël is a deep ruby red ale, with aromas of dried fruits, caramel and spices – a lovely Christmas drink. Delirium Red is a wonderfully fruity beer, deep dark red with a few aroma hints of almond and a taste which is balance between sweet and sour. Delirium Nocturnum is a strong, dark Belgian ale with a soft mouthfeel followed by pleasant bitterness from hop and roasted and chocolate malt. Delirium Argentum is a full-bodied complex amber ale with a touch of caramel and spicy, citrus-like bitterness.

1 x 33cl Delirium Tremens (8.5%)
1 x 33cl Delirium Nocturnum (8.5%)
1 x 33cl Delirium Red (8.0%)
1 x 33cl Delirium Argentum (7.0%) plus Glass