Times and days will vary but we are hoping to have a regular Sunday slot as per live music at The Grayston. Live gigs direct from the artist’s home.

If you’d like to perform a set please email graystonbear@gmail.com

We are asking for a small donation to enter the bar. The majority raised will go directly to artists who contribute live sets and any remainder will go towards us recouping our start-up and on-going costs, it is not to make a profit. Please click here for the donations link.


Sunday 28th June

Jenny Bromley

Live at 5pm on Facebook Live

( via the Meandering Bear Facebook Live )

Live on our Facebook homepage. Free but we ask for donations with majority going to Jenny.
A rare solo performance by Jenny Bromley, breathing fresh nuance into songs self-penned many moons ago. Expect themes of darkness, deceit and despair intertwined with dreams, destiny and desire.
Over the years Jenny has honed her powerful voice, having fronted bands from the seemingly disparate genres of alternative dark folk (A Rookery), trad folk (The Bromleys), swing-jive/rock n roll (Jump, Jive & Wail) and alternative rock (From The Hills). Her vocal versatility befits each of these styles equally.
Experience her raw splendour with an intense performance of lusty vocals and a delivery that can hush and bewitch a throng.