The GraystonBear is our attempt to lift the spirits of you lot, our lovely customers in these scary surreal times and try and keep people connected. We have to get through this and when we do then we will be there for you. We are going to work with others to put on the National Day of Halifax, don’t know what it will look like but we will do something.

The bars are our livelihoods and setting up this site comes at a cost to us so we hope you’ll reward us with buying us a drink (PayPal Donation) or registering for some of the events at a very low cost. The majority raised will go directly to artists who contribute live sets and any remainder will go towards us recouping our start-up and on-going costs, it is not to make a profit. However, we want to try and create a community on-line whereby we can support each other so lots of things on the site will be free.

Now we are not tech experts or Ocado so please cut us some slack if we don’t get everything right. The events themselves are set up with 100 places for each, so once they’ve been filled up we have no way of allowing more to sign up/join in them.

If you have something you think you could contribute then we would love to hear from you at . We already have lined up a regular general knowledge quiz, music quiz, , possibly cookery corner, Ask Martin, Saturday night dj slots, Corona Island Discs but as we say feel free to contact us.

Finally and most importantly, stay safe, look after each other. Positives will come out of this, not least love for each other. We shall overcome.

Michael, Jess & Andrew

Vicky, Steve, Chris, Viki, Jack, Sarah, Hannah, Becca, Ellie, Taylor, Ed, Cameron & Loui, Luna